RestArt: I Am Sunshine

Designed as a 'peace' pack which I lovingly like to call “RestArt” - inspired by giving yourself a moment to restart or rest using art.
* Guided by my studies of Art Therapy *

This pack is inspired by my own journey of finding peace so that I can release.
I found that giving myself a break by using my hands and absorbing colour allowed me to reconnect with myself by stilling my mind and becoming more present.

And now I want to share this experience with you, so that you can enjoy it - on your own or with friends & family.

I hope that during your time in this pack you find enjoyment but most of all - a sense of peace and rest.

All packs carry messages of positivity and reminders for self-love. Frame it or put it somewhere you can see as a daily reminder. 

* I haven't provided a photo of the colored-in artwork to avoid influencing your creation and color choices ♡ 

Included are:
  1.  An A5 RestArt Illustration
  2. Winsor & Newton Gouache Paints in Primary colours
  3. A chart of colour psychology so you can see the meanings of the colours you mix/make
  4. Two paintbrushes
  5. A paint palette
  6. 1ml of Essential oil in a dropper bottle. Choose from 6 different oils, to help you achieve your desired mood
  7. Curated music playlists to help you achieve your desired mood
  8. A herbal tea for peace
  9. A step by step guide & How-to
    RestArt Pack
    Essential Oil

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