Hi! I'm Audrey, the artist behind Audrey Lisik.com.
Driven by connections, the pursuit of joy, and the art of storytelling, my creations reflect the beauty I've encountered in life. It's my aspiration that when you view my works, you too can experience these sentiments.
As a first-generation South African now based in London, I aim to share the essence of joy through visuals with the whole world.
Since 2016, I am self-taught in my craft and I still really enjoy learning new elements that help me tell visual stories through:
  • Original Paintings
  • Illustrative Artworks
  • Print Designs
  • Commissions
  • Collaborations
  • Merchandise Artworks
I hope you take pleasure in exploring my creations. If you'd like to connect, please reach out to me here or at hello@audreylisik.com.